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About Us

Cardenas Contracting LLC

We have installed thousands of roofs, both big and small, for some companies and homes. Over the last years the residential and commercial roofing industry has seen significant change and Cardenas Contracting LLC has lived through it all. Having stood the test of time, Cardenas Contracting LLC has continued to grow and flourish because of our willingness to change and learn from our experiences; while adhering to certain core values.

The three things that make us a reliable company

Using our considerable skills and dedication, we aim to make people happier and more fulfilled by restoring, strengthening, and beautifying their roofs and homes.

With better roofs and buildings, we see improvements in safety and in the well-being of individuals and communities. We want our work to create lasting value.

Our integrity and commitment to excellence push us to produce outstanding work and cultivate respectful and honest relationships with our customers.

We enjoy a reputation of excellence, we strive to improve the quality and the value of the products and services we offer.

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